Mobile Application Security Testing


Security Brigade’s Mobile Application Security Testing Services provide comprehensive coverage for your application infrastructure, the back-end web-services and the core business logic that powers the platform.

Our Approach to Mobile Application Security Testing

The goal of our mobile application security testing service is to fully validate your applications against all types of attacks against the core application, back-end APIs, business logic etc.

Our security testing approach leverages a combination of intelligent automation that leverages AI & ML along with in-depth testing by elite teams of experts that focus on business logic testing.

Intelligent Automation

Our proprietary AI + ML intelligent testing engine, processes each application in a sandbox environment. It includes:

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
  • Automated Reverse Engineering to Identify Key Processes, Components & Map Functionality
  • Validation of Local Permissions, File System Access & Android API Calls.

Expert Driven Manual Testing

Our elite team of experts manually review the application, its internals and its API calls to carry out a comprehensive security assessment. This includes:

  • Creating a step-by-step mindmap of the application functionality, data flow, back-end API calls and business logic.
  • Creating test-cases of abuse scenarios to identify business logic vulnerabilities in the application flow.
  • Leveraging our AI + ML based platform to identify potential gaps, vulnerabilities & abuse scenarios based on data from thousands of client engagements

Our team works to combine the findings from the Intelligent Automation & Expert Driven Manual Testing phases to create a comprehensive report of all security issues within the mobile application ecosystem.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Real-Time Security Dashboard for Customers

Our Real-Time Security Dashboard delivers transparency during our assessments and provides customers with a dynamic view of our security assessment and consulting services.

The dashboard enables customers to track all their security projects through a single platform, manage timelines, track open issues, allocate responsibilities internally, learn about fixing issues etc. It also allows customers to get a real-time view into individual projects as they are being executed, track requirements, monitor test-cases, learn about identified issues, resolve tickets etc.

 The dashboard allows for seamless collaboration between customer & our teams to ensure that we execute and deliver the absolute best and most comprehensive assessments.

Deliverable of Our Mobile Application Security Testing Services

Executive Presentation: provide high level executive summaries of the engagement, key root cause analysis of the identified issues & best practice recommendations for the long-term to help leaders better understand their risk and incorporate our recommendations into their roadmap.

Detailed Technical Reports: provide in-depth descriptions, step by step proof of concepts, detailed recommendations with source-code & configuration examples of all the security issues identified as part of the assessment. Security issues identified are risk-rated based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and mapped to industry leading standards such as OWASP Mobile Top 10, etc.

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