About Security Brigade

A pure-play information security consulting firm with a focus on expert driven manual testing

Our Mantra

Security Brigade is a CERT-In empanelled information security consulting firm founded in 2006 specifically to cater to customers looking for manual application security services that focus on both technical and business logic testing. Automated tools are great and we could not do our jobs well without them - however they are only one piece of the puzzle.

For us, the real value to an audit comes from :

  • Integrating tools and automation to maximize auditor efficiency and eliminate unintelligent tasks
  • Building strong processes that allow auditors to only focus on tasks where their involvement adds direct value
  • Using our workflow driven audit management system to ensure sustained quality through approvals, reviews and benchmarks
  • Delivering reports that don't just fill pages but also deliver real and long-term value to developers and administrators
  • Ensuring a fast turn-around-time from audit to fixed in production by providing secure code and configuration examples

About Security Brigade

Security Brigade is a pure-play information security consulting firm specializing in delivering high quality services through expert driven manual testing. With a core focus on Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Web-application Security and Source Code Security Audit. Security Brigade is founded on the core belief that "Great audits are done by great auditors - not expensive tools".

Security Brigade's approach is built around strong processes that enable auditors to conduct in-depth manual security audits. Security Brigade's proprietary E.D.I.T.E platform provides a workflow based testing engine that encapsulates the complete audit process. It allows expert auditors to follow am in-depth manual testing processes while assisted by a combination of proprietary, open-source and commercial technology.

Security Brigade is based out of Mumbai, India and was founded in December 2006. It conducts thousands of audits a year for organizations such as: MakeMyTrip, Network 18, Tata Group, HDFC, Vodafone, IRDA, Reliance Money, and Netmagic Solutions among many others.