As a CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor, we understand the intricacies of navigating the Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines. Our RBI Cyber Security Compliance Services are designed to help you ensure your organization stays compliant and secure.

The Role of RBI in Cyber Security for Financial Institutions

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) plays a crucial role in setting cybersecurity norms for the financial sector in India. These guidelines are not just regulatory requirements; they are pillars that support the stability and integrity of India’s financial infrastructure.

The primary goal of this framework is to protect against cyber threats, ensure the confidentiality of data, and maintain the resilience of the financial ecosystem. We align our services with these objectives, offering you a secure pathway to compliance.

Compliance Guidelines for Different Financial Institutions

Each financial entity has unique challenges and requirements. Our expertise covers a wide range of institutions, offering tailored solutions for each.

Financial InstitutionRBI Notifications
Scheduled Commercial Banks12562, 12486, 12032, 11773, 10435, 8061
Small Finance Banks12562, 12486, 12032, 11773
Payments Banks12562, 12486, 12032
RBI Cyber Security Guidelines for NBFCs – Non-Banking Financial Companies12562, 12486, 12032, 10999
Credit Information Companies12562, 12486
All India Financial Institutions12562, 12486
Regional Rural Banks10128
Local Area Banks12486, 11773
Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks12486, 11773, 10111
Prepaid Payment Instrument Issuers12156, 12050
White-Label ATM Operators11773


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Juby P - Botree Software
{In an age where cyber threats constantly evolve, having a trusted ally like Security Brigade is essential. The Security Brigade team consistently delivered well-structured reports that spotlighted critical vulnerabilities and potential security weaknesses. These reports were accompanied by actionable recommendations, allowing our teams to prioritize and rectify issues efficiently. Professionalism, responsive, and depth of expertise well appreciated, and we are happy to have engaged Security Brigade as our VAPT provider.
Juby Pappachan
Senior Manager - InfoSec, Botree Software
Gobinda Chandra Patra - ISIT Consultants
{We started working with Security Brigade as a cost effective solution for doing VAPT for applications and networks for our customers. But we have developed a great partnership with Security Brigade over the last 6+ years. They treat our customers as their own customers and provide solutions and do the activities as per agreed terms and sometimes even they don’t mind going beyond and deliver to customer. We will be happy to continue working with them and refer others as well.
Gobinda Chandra Patra
CEO and Co-Founder, ISIT Consultants
Peter Theobald Author Of Cybersecurity Demystified
{I have been using Security Brigade services for the past fourteen years. In my role as leading the cybersecurity Initiative at multiple national system integrators in India, I have worked with them to provide VA/PT, External Attack Surface Management, and Red Teaming services to large corporate customers. In each case they have met or exceeded expectations resulting in repeat business. I have no hesitation recommending their services for quality conscious customers wanting to enhance their security posture.
Peter Theobald, A.C.A
Cybersecurity Industry Veteran, Author of Cybersecurity Demystified

Key Components of RBI’s Cyber Security Framework

Cyber Security Policy: We assist in developing and updating cyber security policies that are in line with RBI guidelines.

Cyber Crisis Management Plan: Our team helps you prepare a robust cyber crisis management plan, a critical component of RBI’s compliance requirements.

IT and Cyber Security Governance: We ensure that your IT and cyber security governance structures meet RBI’s expectations, providing a secure and compliant environment.

Information and Cyber Security Operations: Our operational support includes regular monitoring, threat detection, and response mechanisms, aligned with RBI’s standards.

Compliance, Assurance, and Audit: We conduct regular audits and compliance checks to ensure continuous adherence to RBI’s guidelines.

Risk Management Strategies: Our risk management strategies are designed to pre-emptively identify and mitigate potential cyber threats

RBI Cyber Security Framework for Banks

The RBI Cyber Security Framework for Banks sets out a comprehensive list that banks must comply with to combat escalating cyber threats. As a CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor, Security Brigade can help customers comply with many of these requirements.