interviews Yash Kadakia, CTO of Security Brigade about the risks facing Indian government websites and a large number of compromises seem in them.

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Education World: Galloping demand for ethical hackers

Indra Gidwani of Education World talks to Yash Kadakia, CTO Of Security Brigade to understand the growing careers opportunities in the information security industry.

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Network World: Researcher Publishes Flaws on MSN

The SB team reported several critical security flaws in Microsoft and Amazon websites. With responsible disclosure, we were able to help protect their millions of users from potential threats.

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CTO of Security Brigade, Yash Kadakia helps readers of understand and face the latest cyber threats used by criminals such as viruses, phishing, malware, exploits, etc.

Read Article › How to secure your wireless network

In the face of growing abuse, Yash Kadakia of Security Brigade helps readers secure their wireless networks and protect themselves from attackers.

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Business Standard: The rise of cyber security professionals

Business Standard interviews Yash Kadakia of Security Brigade to understand the growing cyber threats facing both corporates and home users today.

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