In the face of growing abuse, Yash Kadakia of Security Brigade helps readers secure their wireless networks and protect themselves from attackers.

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Hindustan Times: Tech That

Nazim Khan of Hindustan Times spends a day in the life of Yash Kadakia, CTO of Security Brigade and profiles his introduction to and growth in the information security industry.

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Website Security Certificate – OWASP Top 10

Get your Website Security Certificate as per OWASP Top 10 Security Standards from a CERT-In Empanelled System Security Auditor. Validate and certify the security of your website with global best practices.

Education World: Galloping demand for ethical hackers

Indra Gidwani of Education World talks to Yash Kadakia, CTO Of Security Brigade to understand the growing careers opportunities in the information security industry.

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Security Brigade Reports Critical Issues on Facebook

The SB team reported several critical security flaws in Facebook. With responsible disclosure, we were able to help protect the over 1B+ active FB users from potential threats.

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Hindustan Times: Byte that

Nikhil Taneja of Hindustan Times profiles Yash Kadakia, CTO of Security Brigade along with his accomplishments and achivements in growing Security Brigade to its current position.

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