CTO of Security Brigade, Yash Kadakia helps readers of Rediff.com understand and face the latest cyber threats used by criminals such as viruses, phishing, malware, exploits, etc.

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Network World: Researcher Publishes Flaws on MSN

The SB team reported several critical security flaws in Microsoft and Amazon websites. With responsible disclosure, we were able to help protect their millions of users from potential threats.

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Rediff: Half the govt websites in India prone to cyber attacks

Rediff.com interviews Yash Kadakia, CTO of Security Brigade about the risks facing Indian government websites and the large number of compromises seem in them.

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Petya ransomware to hit India a lot harder than WannaCry

A new and improved version of Petya, a ransomware that first surfaced in early 2016, is now rapidly infecting Microsoft Windows computers across the world.

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Rediff.com: How to secure your wireless network

In the face of growing abuse, Yash Kadakia of Security Brigade helps Rediff.com readers secure their wireless networks and protect themselves from attackers.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing provides comprehensive security coverage for your web-applications, the underlying web-services and the core business logic that powers the websites.