A new and improved version of Petya, a ransomware that first surfaced in early 2016, is now rapidly infecting Microsoft Windows computers across the world.

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IBNLive.com: Top tips to secure WiFi networks

In the face of growing abuse, Yash Kadakia of Security Brigade helps IBN Live readers secure their wireless networks and protect themselves from attackers.

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Business Standard: Wanted: Ethical Hackers

M Saraswathy of Business Standard talks to Yash Kadakia, CTO Of Security Brigade to discuss the growing demand for security consultants in the Indian IT industry.

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Hindustan Times: Byte that

Nikhil Taneja of Hindustan Times profiles Yash Kadakia, CTO of Security Brigade along with his accomplishments and achivements in growing Security Brigade to its current position.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing provides comprehensive security coverage for your web-applications, the underlying web-services and the core business logic that powers the websites.

Types of Security Audits – Black Box, White Box and Grey Box

Understand the different approaches to Security Audits along with the advantages, approach and benefits of each of the Types of Security Audits including Black Box Audit, White Box Audit and Grey Box Audit.