On-Demand Security Audit Service - ODSA

On-demand annual package with flexible usage and fixed pricing

Our On-Demand Security Audit Service is catered towards organizations with a large number of applications that are under continuous development. It provides you with the flexibility of conducting audits at short-notice with a fixed price without the delays caused by legal and procurement processes.

  • Flexibility With Fixed Cost
  • Integrated Dashboard View
  • SDLC Integration
  • Integrated Proprietary, Open-Source and Commercial Tools
  • Mapping of Business Logic & Web-application Workflow
  • Detailed Fix Information with Source Code Examples

Our Approach

How do we deliver an on-demand security audit?

  • Requirement definition : We work with you to understand your applications, release cycles and identify an estimate of audits to be conducted.
  • TATs and expectations : Based on your unique requirements and timelines we will define TATs, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Fixed billing model : Based on an application review, we will create an average pricing per application which is applied irrelevant of the size of the application.
  • SDLC Integration : The audit process can be integrated and built into your SDLC. This ensures that each build goes through security approval prior to release.
  • Execution : Our team will deliver the required services based on the defined TATs. This may mean 10 audits one month or 25 the next.
  • Regular Updates : The status of each project will be regularly provided on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • 24/7 IP Space and Website Malware Monitoring : Our intelligent monitoring engine identifies any and all malware on your website and network IP ranges.
  • Monthly Log Review : We conduct a monthly log review for attacks and ensure that the security controls in-place are effective.
  • Quarterly Review : Every quarter we will sit down with your team and review the audits that have been conducted, action items, re-testing status and so on

Realtime Security Dashboard

Our security audit dashboard allows customers to access their projects and data in real-time. Furthermore it allows them to manage their projects end-to-end from project initialization, activity tracking, issue management, patch tracking, re-testing, reporting, compliance, etc. Some of the unique aspects of our dashboard are:

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Our Reports

Our custom developed reports provide application specific details along with step-by-step fix information, code and configuration examples.

Some unique aspects of our reports are:

  • Custom developed by experts specifically for your application infrastructure.
  • Detailed fix information with source-code and configuration details for your development language and platform.
  • Multiple fixes and workarounds to help you find the best possible solution.

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