Intelligent Automated Testing

Our intelligent automated testing engine selects the ideal combination of tools based on internal benchmarks

Step 1 - Profiling The Target Application

As the first step, our internal automated testing engine intelligently profiles the application and determines various characteristics such as the type of application, platform used, frameworks used, CMS implemented, flash heavy, ajax heavy and many such other criteria.

Step 2 - Benchmarking Against Internal Tool Database

Our engine compares the profile output of your application to our internal benchmarks and selects the absolute best combination of tools to get an ideal output that is comprehensive and effective.

The list of tools used includes complete automated scanners, small tools for a specific purpose or specific types of applications.

For example if the website were running Drupal, we would use a tool called CMSExplorer to identify plugins, themes, etc. If it was a Lotus Domino server, we would use DominoHunter to get a list of applications inside it. The right hammer for the right nail basically.

Step 3 - Executing Tools After Auditor Review

Once the auditor approves the tools, the selected tools are executed cross-referenced and presented to an auditor in a consolidated view where they can make sense of the information and take decisions as to the way forward.