Who should request a POC Security Audit?

  • If you already have a security vendor and you would like to benchmark their work against industry leading best practices
  • If you need to demonstrate concrete risk to convince your management
  • If you want to get a walkthrough of our process, sample reports, approach, methodology etc
  • If you believe your websites are completely secure and would like us to validate this for you

Let us walk you through our security auditing capabilities and demonstrate our strengths and USPs by conducting a small non-intrusive security audit against your infrastructure.


Once you give us the go ahead, our team will:

  • Work with you to identify the target application, get appropriate permissions and share a detailed plan of action.
  • Identify & highlight a few key security issues with a focus on business impact analysis.
  • Help you benchmark your security practices against industry best-practices.
  • Carry out non-intrusive audit with no downtime and no impact to your infrastructure or applications.
  • Provide comprehensive reports and documentation for your team to understand the security issues and their impact.
  • Walk you through the reports and identified vulnerabilities on a WebEX call so that you are able to fully understand the issues.


Deliverables of the Free Demo of Our Security Audit:

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